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hiya im pika | disaster human with crippling anxiety.

sloooowly starting to migrate to waterfall.


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first art fight attack i did! for [BoodlesOfNoodles]!

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Assuming I've done everything correctly we are now partnered with PayPal and can have the Commission Marketplace integrated with it

No more need for Stripe soon if you found that too complicated

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Plugs the Patreon rq because the contract I was relying on to pay the staff just cancelled on me without notice

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I've always been so fascinated by the moon, stars, and the night sky. 🌕

It's my OC Chandra again 💖 I know the clouds look weird 😅 I've been indoors for too long and I think I forgot what the sky actually looked like lmao

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redesign of an [old oc]

Some cheebs of some of my characters!

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Repour and answer in tags!

❤ cats or dogs

🖤 sun or moon

❤ red or blue

🖤 river or ocean

❤ rain or snow

🖤 steak or salad

❤ headphones or speakers

🖤 city or country

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Drew this cool chubby tiefling for Jinkx on Patreon! Her design was such a delight to do!

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coloured a sketch i posted a while back!! its my oc [akiyuki]..... they are tired

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what do you mean that's not how the waterfall dot social patreon works

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gotta make a first post sometime o v o,,

heres some art i did of my oc lumen last month!
if u wanna read about him u can [here]!

he was designed by a friend over on dA that you can find [here]!

tryyyyn to figure out duall lightttn, itssss... goin?

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Some small item cards I've drawn for an eldritch horror RP forum.

if only things had happened differently....

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[(1)]( " iLoveLilyD on Flickr) [(2)]( " iLoveLilyD on Flickr) | 📷: [iLoveLilyD]( "iLoveLilyD on Flickr)

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Yuri von Fire Emblem

A small drawing of Yuri from Fire Emblem cause he's a beautiful man and I love him;;;